Accessibility policy

Coherently with ALPE objectives, accessibility is a key issue within the project.


Web accessibility policy

The ALPE Consortium has adopted a number of measures in order to improve the accessibility of the web-site and the documentation delivered in the project.

Regarding web accessibility the following actions have been implemented:

Use of W3C standards

  • XHTML 1.1 Strict

  • CSS 2 grammar

  • Accessibility guidelines for the Web Content (WCAG level AA)

Dealing with colors

We have carefully checked the brightness difference (200) and the colour difference (600) to ensure that the foreground color and the background color are fully compliant.

In addition different simulations have been conducted in order to test different types of color vision (Deuteranope, Protanope and Tritanope)

Tested with user agents

This website has been tested using different user agents:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

  • Opera 7.23 and 8.5

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Amaya 9.52

  • Netscape 6.2.1

Other accessibility and usability issues

  • The contents are clear and well-structured

  • All the units are relative instead of absolute

  • The source code has been carefully analysed and has been tested using TAW.

If you detect any problem accessing the content please let us know to fix the errors as soon as possible.


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Documentation accessibility policy

All the public documentation produced by the partners will be delivered in the following formats:

  • Open Office Writer (.odt).

  • Microsoft Word (.doc).

  • Portable Document Format (.pdf).

  • Rich Text Format (.rtf).

If you need the documentation in any other format please let us know.


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