PALE 2011:
Personalization Approaches
in Learning Environments

The International Workshop on Personalization Approaches in Learning Environments (PALE) is the result of merging the experience and background of three workshops focused on applying user modeling, personalization and adaptation in learning environments (see workshop history for details). Each of them focused on very specific topics, as follows:

  • APLEC: Adaptation and Personalization in E-B/Learning using Pedagogic Conversational Agents
  • ROLE: Personalizing Responsive Open Learning Environments
  • TUMAS-A: Towards User Modeling and Adaptive Systems for All

Following the experience in previous editions of these workshops, PALE will follow the Learning Café methodology to promote discussions on some of the open issues regarding personalization in learning environments.

A Learning Café session will be run by each of the original workshops.

The submission procedure will be unique for the three Learning Cafés, although authors can indicate the Learning Café where they consider that their submission fits better.

Each Learning Café will last 2 hours and will consist in brief presentations of the open issues and small group discussions with participants randomly grouped in three tables.

Submissions of original on-going works and previously unpublished research related to the Workshop Topics are requested.