User Modeling 2007
Towards User Modelling and Adaptive Systems for All (TUMAS-A)

Workshop Topics

Users features dealing with different access strategies and the usage of assistive technologies

  • Modelling group collaboration where users may have different access needs
  • User, usage and environment data to be considered when developing accessible user models
  • Existing standards and limitations for the user modelling approach
  • Management of user modelling and adaptation issues in ePortfolios
  • Accessible web user interfaces and user modelling
  • User profile specifications and their limitations for user modelling (e.g. IMS-AccLIP versus CC/PP)
  • Problems to be considered when integrating user and device profiles
  • Evaluation of user experience providing adapted responses to people with functional diversity
  • Modelling users in the life long learning paradigm and related user modelling and accessibility issues
  • Context awareness and device modelling
  • Recommender systems to promote dynamics for students with special needs
  • Types of architectures to support adaptive and accessible resource delivery

More specifically, three Experts will prepare a short presentation to raise open problems in the field and post challenging questions to be discussed during the workshop.