PALE 2017:
Personalization Approaches
in Learning Environments


Papers have been assigned to 3 reviewers from the workshop comittee program members. As a result, 7 papers have been accepted and included in the Adjunct Publication of the 25th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization published by ACM (access to proceedings).

The list of accepted papers is as follows:

  • J. Okpo, M. Dennis, J. Masthoff, and N. Beacham. Conceptualizing a Framework for Adaptive Exercise Selection with Personality as a Major Learner Characteristic [paper].
  • M. Alhathli, J. Masthoff, and A. Siddharthan. Should learning material's selection be adapted to learning style and personality? [paper].
  • J. Papousek and R. Pelanek. Should We Give Learners Control Over Item Difficulty? [paper].
  • P. Babinec and I. Srba. Educational-specific Tag Recommendation in CQA Systems [paper].
  • V. Triglianos, M. Labaj, R. Moro, J. Simko, M. Hucko, J. Tvarozek, C. Pautasso, and M. Bielikova. Experiences Using an Interactive Presentation Platform in a Functional and Logic Programming Course [paper].
  • O. C. Santos and M. Eddy. Modeling Psychomotor Activity: Current Approaches and Open Issues [paper].
  • J. G. Boticario, O. C. Santos, R. Cabestrero, P. Quiros, S. Salmeron-Majadas, R. Uria-Rivas, M. Saneiro, M. Arevalillo-Herraez, and F. Ferri. BIG-AFF: exploring low cost and low intrusive infrastructures for affective computing in secondary schools [paper].

The introduction to the workshop papers is available at UMAP 2017 PALE Workshop Organizers' Welcome.