PALE 2018:
Personalization Approaches
in Learning Environments


Submissions received have been assigned to 3 reviewers from the workshop comittee program members. As a result, the following 6 papers have been accepted, published in a CEUR volumne and presented at the AIED session.

The list of accepted papers is as follows:

  • G. Kachergis, J. Kielstra, L. Bokkers, B. Persad and I. Molenaar. Detecting Reading Strategies during Task-oriented Reading: Building an Automated Classifier [paper].
  • N. Elouazizi, G. Birol, G. Oberg. Learning Technology-enabled (Meta)-Cognitive Scaffolding for Enabling Students to Learn Aspects of Written Argumentation [paper].
  • N. Wang, A. Shapiro, A. Feng, C. Zhuang, D. Schwartz and S. Goldberg. An Analysis of Student Belief and Behavior in Learning by Explaining to a Digital Doppelganger [paper].
  • X. Dang and I. Ghergulescu. Effective Learning Recommendations Powered by AI Engine [paper].
  • S. Parikh and H. Kalva. Eye Gaze Feature Classification for Predicting Levels of Learning [paper].
  • M. Schubert, D. Durruty and D.A. Joyner. Measuring Learner Tone and Sentiment at Scale Via Text Analysis of Forum Posts [paper].

The introduction to the workshop papers is available at the Preface].