Detailed Program Day 1: September 29th

September 29th at ECTEL venue (Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza)

Wordcloud for RecSysTEL (day 1, session 1)Wordcloud for RecSysTEL (day 1, session 1)

09h00 - 09h15: Welcome & introductions: launch of RecSysTEL'10 (Nikos Manouselis, Hendrik Drachsler, Katrien Verbert, Olga C. Santos)
09h15 - 10h00: Keynote: "Recommender Systems in Education: Getting enough Data and Moving beyond Preferences" by Joseph Konstan, GroupLens Research, University of Minnesota (USA)
10h00 - 10h30: Recommending Knowledgeable People in a Work-Integrated Learning System (Guenter Beham, Barbara Kump, Tobias Ley and Stefanie Lindstaedt) Wordcloud for this paper
10h30 - 11h00: Towards a User Model for Personalized Recommendations in Work-Integrated Learning: A Report on an Experimental Study with a Collaborative Tagging System (Karin Schoefegger, Paul Seitlinger and Tobias Ley) Wordcloud for this paper

11h00 - 11h30: Coffee break

Wordcloud for RecSysTEL (day 1, session 2) Wordcloud for RecSysTEL (day 1, session 2)

11h30 - 12h00: Semantic Ranking of Lecture Slides based on Conceptual Relationship and Presentational Structure (Yuanyuan Wang and Kazutoshi Sumiya) Wordcloud for this paper
12h00 - 12h30: Recommender System for Predicting Student Performance (Nguyen Thai-Nghe, Lucas Drumond, Artus Krohn-Grimberghe and Lars Schmidt-Thieme) Wordcloud for this paper
12h30 - 13h00: Modeling recommendations for the educational domain (Olga C. Santos and Jesus G. Boticario) Wordcloud for this paper

13h00 - 14h30: Lunch break

Wordcloud for RecSysTEL (day 1, session 3) Wordcloud for RecSysTEL (day 1, session 3)

14h30 - 14h50: A competency-driven advisor system for multi-actor learning or work environments (Olga Marino and Gilbert Paquette) Wordcloud for this paper
14h50 - 15h10: Meta-Mender: a Meta-rule Based Recommendation System for Educational Applications (Vicente Romero and Daniel Burgos) Wordcloud for this paper
15h10 - 15h30: A Simulation for Content-based and Utility-based Recommendation of Candidate Coalitions in Virtual Creativity Teams (Rory Sie, Marlies Bitter and Peter Sloep) Wordcloud for this paper
15h30 - 16h00: dataTEL. Issues and Considerations regarding Sharable Data Sets for Recommender Systems in Technology Enhanced Learning (Hendrik Drachsler, Toine Bogers, Riina Vuorikari, Katrien Verbert, Erik Duval, Nikos Manouselis, Guenther Beham, Hermann Stern, Stefanie Lindstaedt, Martin Friedrich and Martin Wolpers) Wordcloud for this paper

16h00 - 17h00: Coffee+interactive session. dataTEL systems Marketplace (interactive demo session)

17h30 - 17h30: Open discussion on dataTEL challenges
17h30: End of RecSysTEL Day 1

19h00: ECTEL conference reception